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Category: Commentary

The Great Employee…(Fill in the Blank Here)

Whether it is the Great Reshuffling, Great Resignation or the greatest time to be an employee, pundits across the job-o-sphere are clamoring to describe what is happening with the U.S. employment community. I’ve been in the staffing and recruitment industry since 2004 and have hired through the post Dot Com era, Great Recession, several Oil […]
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Is ‘Work from Home’ a Company Perk?

Due to the chaos triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, employers scrambled to maintain continuity by enabling employees to work from home. In many cases, employers previously uninterested in the idea of a remote workforce realized the many benefits of establishing formal work from home policies. Some of those benefits include the reduced need for sprawling […]
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How Recruitment has Changed in the Last 10-15 Years

OK all you super ‘old-school’ recruiters, I can’t top your stories of Rolodex’s and phone book recruiting, but for many recruiters today who rely on LinkedIn alone, here’s how it used to be. It’s been a little over a decade since I first started recruiting, but I can still remember when posting printed job bulletins […]
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