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We're a Houston, TX based recruitment consultancy, serving technologically advanced clients globally.

Founded in 2015 by serving the data analytic needs of oil & gas companies operating in (Deep) waters and across the lower (48) states; Deep48 has since evolved into an advance technology recruitment agency. 

Our passion for building deep relationships across the technology spectrum enabled us to hone in on the people needs of our clients. 

Through these relationships, we have introduced technical talent to an evolving oil & gas industry that began adopting automation, cloud technologies, IoT, advanced material applications and other emerging tech.  

As we refined our delivery capabilities, we earned the trust of non-oil & gas clients who needed technical people for their projects just as much as our oil & gas clients. 

We now serve clients across a broad range of industries including IT, aerospace, defense, finance, oil & gas and management consulting. 

Whether you build rockets or analyze data from ultra-deep water oil production systems; Deep48 can help you find the right people with right skill. 

500,000+ resumes reviewed
100,000+ candidates screened
5,000 candidates interviewed
Thousands of excellent hires
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Each of our recruiters receive domain specific training prior to serving clients.

We bring more than 50 years’ combined senior leadership experience helping clients optimize their staffing and recruitment capabilities. 

Deep48 is an advance technology recruitment consultancy

Our leadership team has served the oil & gas, defense, aerospace and IT industries for over 20 years. We bring a steady hand with in-depth knowledge of the most stubborn staffing challenges. 


10th Aug 2015

Commence operations

12th Feb, 2018

Corporate Rebranding Initiative

4th April, 2019

Operations commence as new entity Deep48, LLC

April, 2020

Business is Stable and Growing

2nd Feb, 2015

Establishment of Oil & Gas Recovery

12th Oct, 2015

First client acquired

11th Jan, 2019

Corporate Rebranding Initiative Complete

6th May, 2019

Commercial Operations Commence as New Entity

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